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Clue covers both general and technical language. This is a dictionary for everyone. Use it at work, at school, at home, or on vacation.
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About Clue
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Dictionaries in 11 languages

Monolingual dictionaries are included.

English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

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Up-to-date and relevant

Clue is developed in collaboration with the Norwegian business sector, editors and translators.

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New technology brings with it new terminology, and our dictionaries are updated accordingly on an ongoing basis.

Available anywhere, anytime

Clue is compatible with all units.

Use the dictionary on a PC, Mac, in a browser or as an iOS og Android app.

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The Clue dictionary is a digital language tool that covers legal, financial, engineering and medical terminology. Clue is updated on an ongoing basis in cooperation with the business sector, the academic community and many of our linguistically competent users both nationally and internationally.

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Focus on technical language

Linguistic challenges are arising due to standardisation and internationalisation in the construction industry, and digitisation can eventually lead to a global industrywide language. We are continuously working on technical terminology in line with this development, whilst also endeavouring to preserve Norwegian technical language.

Subject area: Construction
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Advancements in financial technology (FinTech) are moving at an ever-increasing pace and Norway is in the lead when it comes to adopting new technology. New technology brings with it new terminology, and our dictionaries are updated accordingly on an ongoing basis.

Subject area: Banking/finance

Algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), robotisation and big data are concepts within digitisation that, like many other sectors, the power industry needs to relate to. We are continuously striving to ensure that our dictionaries are effective digital language tools, with standardised technical language that is applicable across the different industries.

Letter Men Pajama Set Print Colorblock OnFwqpnSSubject area: Energy

Fish farming is one of Norway’s largest export industries, and Norwegian technology and knowledge in the field are important export commodities in themselves. Norwegian aquaculture also plays a role in achieving the UN’s global sustainability goals. Clue works actively with the technical language in both Norwegian and other relevant languages.

Subject Area: Aquaculture

Digitisation is high on the agenda today, and digital competitiveness is vital for all industries. Clue’s dictionaries have been digital for more than 30 years, and are updated on an ongoing basis. As an effective digital language tool, we hope and believe our dictionaries can contribute to digital success.

Subject area: ITHilfiger Shirt Shirt Tommy Hilfiger Shirt Hilfiger Jenna Tommy Jenna Shirt Jenna Tommy Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Jenna

Translating legal terminology is a demanding discipline as legal terms and usage vary from country to country. At the same time, we are also increasingly subject to common provisions, whether in the form of international human rights, EU/EEA legislation or international contracts. We are constantly working to find good translations against this challenging backdrop.

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Subject area: Law

A living and functional digital dictionary that includes both technical and general language, and can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge. Clue is accessible anywhere at any time.

General usage
We have used Clue since 2008 and are very pleased with the product. All employees have access to Clue and we now use the tool regularly when writing documents, e-mails and reports.
Stig J. Ribe
Multivac AS
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Clue digital dictionaries are quick and easy to use. I use Clue every day and have become completely dependent on it. Clue is particularly useful when we are writing agreements in English.

Mathias Tveten
Adv.firma Ro Sommernes

The legal terminology is comprehensive and relevant, and full and varied translations are always given. In my work with international cases, I always use Clue’s digital dictionary, particularly when editing agreements and in formal correspondence. The dictionary is quick and easy to use.

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Christoffer Nicolaysen
Deloitte Advokatfirma DA
After trying similar software for a few years, Vestland Management has now decided to go back to using Clue. Our users felt that the functionality, user friendliness and content were all better in Clue than in similar software by competitors. The users missed Clue, and the other software they tried was not integrated into the working day as effectively as Clue. The decision to go back to Clue was therefore an easy one to make!
Joar Epland
Vestland Management

The main reason we chose Clue was the simple and clean design of Clue Online. We also thought the translations and examples from the dictionaries were good. Here you were quite simply better than your competitors.

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Rune Pedersen
Eigersund local authority
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